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Custom Spyderco Manix 2 Kydex Auto Sheath
Custom Spyderco Manix 2 Kydex Auto Sheath

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Our Price: $30.00

Availability:: Usually Ships in 4-6 Weeks
Product Code: 0030

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Standard black in color550 Cord color will match sheath unless specified


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Welcome to Extreme Edge Custom Kydex
Up for sale is our new GEN2 custom auto neck knife sheath for the Spyderco Manix 2

The new GEN2 auto sheath is an awesome little sheath redesigned to be even better for your non assisted folding knives. The sheath allows the user to quick draw the knife and the sheath deploys the blade of the knife cutting down deployment time. The new GEN2 models have some awesome new features!
The GEN2 is offered in 5 different platforms
1) necker
2)key chain (for smaller folding knives like the OKC RAT2)
3)rock climber comes with carabiener clip - additional charge
4) molle compatible (comes with 3rd gen molle lok clip) - additional charge
5)Tek-lok compatible (comes with large blade tech tek-lok) - additional charge
Now heres the kicker with the new GEN2 you can buy a necker sheath and it comes set up to take a molle ot tek lok if you choose to add one on later or if you have one already on a knife you dont frequently use it is easy to add a key ring into the top eyelet and a piece of the paracoard can be used to attach a carabiner at any time !
All auto sheaths have a reliable tight grip on the blade on average it takes 4-6 lbs of pull to make the sheath release the blade so there are no worries of the knife dropping during daily operations such as running jogging jumping climbing you can feel safe knowing your knife wont accidentally deploy during these activities
The GEN2 auto sheaths will work for left or right handed individuals with ease
(NOTE IN REGARD TO COLORS: please message me with a specified color PRIOR to ordering to ensure i have it in stock Thank You)
Standard colors:
( These are colors we offer to you free of an extra charge)
Coyote brown
Neon Green
O.D Green
Special colors:
(These are colors that will cost extra if you choose them)
Digital Camo-
Desert - $6.00 extra
Woodland - $6.00 extra
ACU -$6.00 extra
Hot Pink Camo-$6.00
Kaza Camo-$6.00 extra
Navy Camo-$6.00 extra
Super Cam-$6.00 extra
Tiger Stripe-$6.00 extra
Graveyard Camo- $6.00 extra
Gun Metal Grey-$5.00 extra
Carbon Fiber-$6.00 extra
Production and payment:
Step 1 After placing an order with us your order will go into production. Orders are put into production in the order they are revived.
Step 2 The sheath will be made and field tested. We have 3 tests we run on each sheath prior to the customer update.
Step 3 pictures are taken and emailed to the customer for review (this is the last chance the customer has to have an alteration done before the sheath is shipped out to them.)
Step 4 An invoice is sent via paypal for the requested payment
Step 5 your sheath will be shipped and tracking information will be updated
Lifetime warranty:
Here at Extreme Edge Custom Kydex We only use US materials, because of this we stand behind the materials we use and our skills.
We will stand behind everything we make repair or replace!
A few examples
1) If you use your knife everyday or have had the knife for a while the profile of the blade may have changed over time resulting in a not exact match fit in your sheath! NO WORRIES you pay to ship your knife and sheath to us we re-run it through the process free of charge to you then we pay your return shipping to you.
2) Lets say your hiking and a misplaced step sends you tumbling down the hill. As you tumble the handle of the knife catches on a tree limb or smashes on a rock resulting in a crack or break in the sheath return and we will replace free of charge minus you shipping the sheath to us.
We Do NOT Cover FIRE Damage with our warranty!
If your camping out in the woods and decide to nestle up to the fire at night and the heat warps the sheath we do not cover this for free
Nor damage caused by home fires being left in black cars on 100 + degree days or any form of fire damage

Custom Spyderco Manix 2 Kydex Auto-Sheath Overview
  • Non reflective material

    Strong grip on knife

    Other custom options available

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