Hey there im Mark Irving. I am your maker. i Decided to write this to let you get to know me a little better. Currently im 31 years old and have operated Extreme Edge solely since 2012. I was a Knife lover first and a sheath maker second.
I decided to start thermomolding for one reaseon only. I was sick of spending my hard earned money on a american made knife to get a crappy china made sheath that made me not want to carry the knife. In late summer of 2011 my friend an i went to a local sporting goods store to buy new knives. We both picked the Bear Grylles compact fixed blade knife. He wore his standard i got the knife because the promoted inverted carry option of the sheath. Less than a hour after purchase the knife dropped from its sheath hit sand and i never noticed until it was too late and it was gone. I never got that knife back someone had picked it up before i knew it was missing. That day i decided i would do something about this and Extreme Edge Custom Kydex was born. From there it was all of you who helped me along the way asking if i could sheath this knife or this knife, telling me the things you wanted your ideas all helped me to offer you just what you want.
That was my start with no end in sight you can be assured i know how you feel. I too Get excited when that USPS ticker says (OUT FOR DELIVERY) i am a knife nut and im here to help !
Thank you for taking your time to get to know a littel about me and Extreme Edge I look forward to working with you guys

Mark Irving
Extreme Edge Custom Kydex