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Custom J-HOOK Clip Custom Kydex Kabar BK2 / BK3 Clip Bolt on Kydex Dangler
Bolt on Kydex Dangler
Our Price: $30.00
Custom Kydex J-HOOK Clips

We offer our own custom clip called the J-Hook clip in 3 sizes
Small $10.00
Medium $15.00
Our custom clips are made from rugged .125 kydex.
Easy on and off the belt or thread it through like a normal belt loop. Also the clip can clip to draw string style shorts or pants.
These are the standard clip we offer on all our sheaths ordered with a sheath they come pree drilled for hardware in this case they will come blank no holes with hardware to mount them this is done so the buyer can mount it properly to there sheath so its not misaligned

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Welcome to Extreme Edge Custom Kydex

Your currently viewing our Custom Hand made Kabar BK2 And BK3 Kydex Clips.
Our custom BK Clip is a direct bold on replacement of the factory nylon belt loop. The BK Clip changes the whole sheath up it moves the knife onto the hip and it keeps it securely there! No more swinging flopping sheath on your hip !
The BK Clip fits on ether the left or right side, Uses the factory kabar hardware to attach and allows for inverted carry
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Custom Made Kydex Belt dangler
The Naiper ESEE5 Tek-Lok Drop Plate
Our Price: $35.00
Custom Made ESEE5 Tek-Lok Kydex Drop Plate

Our custom drop plate for the esee 5 factory sheath. The plate drops the whole sheath down so the handle of the knife is on your belt line. Made of rugged .125 kydex and is fitted with a tek-lok clip and hardware.

Package comes with
1x drop plate
1x large blade tech Tek-Lok clip
4x 1/2 posts
4x 1/4 screws
4x hard rubber washers

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